The Robotlab

DIKUs Robotlab is the place for experimenting with robotics of all kinds.

Our robot lab has a growing assortment of different robotics platforms. Notably a number of Arlos(link) and a UR5e robot arm, as well as a few Crazyflie microdrones. The lab is also equipped with an optitrack motion capture system for tracking robot movements.

The lab should be used primarily for testing robotics platforms so any repair work etc. should be done in the toolshop.

the UR5e: the UR5e is a cobot and as such it is much safer than the standard industrial robot. It is still a potentially dangerous (and definitely expensive) machine, so make sure you have received the mandatory safety instructions before using this.

The Arlos: Arlo is an open landdrone platform for teaching and research. We have app. 10 Arlos. These are used in the robot course and thus it should be respected that in block 1 they are reserved for this purpose. This also means that there will be significntly more activity in the lab in this period, so plan ahead.

crazyflies: the crazyflies can be used for projects, but it should be noted that they are fragile, and even though we have some spare parts, please be cautious when using them.

the optitrack system: the system consist of 8 cameras positioned to give a good coverage of the entire lab, centered on the middle of the floor. Do not under any circumstances move any of the cameras. They will have to be re calibrated and can be potentially damaged if moved.

If you want to use any of the robots for a project, contact the lab manager….