PLAT Project Suggestions

This page contains a list of suggestions for student projects. If you are a member of the PLAT section, then simply ask for access to the Git repository and add your own suggestions (or links to your own project lists elsewhere).

Various projects

  • Some theory stuff with lots of Greek letters in LaTeX.

Futhark projects

The Futhark language and compiler project is anchored at the PLAT section, and several student-friendly projects are possible.

The contact persons for these projects are Troels Henriksen and Cosmin Oancea.

OpenMP Backend for Futhark

This project is about developing a compiler backend that generates code using OpenMP to achieve multi-core CPU parallelism (and also investigating whether/how this is superior to the current OpenCL-based approach).

Some other project

Take a look at the issue list and see if anything looks interesting and come talk to use about it.